Indoor Air Quality Inspections

Worried about the air you breathe?
Indoor Air Quality Issues
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* Most indoor air issues can be addressed once the root cause of poor air quality is determined. *

The air you, your family or coworkers breathe can have a profound affect on health safety and overall enjoyment of your home or work space. Indoor air quality issues and/or indoor mould growth issues can have long lasting affects on health

Most often our clients contact us due to complaints about musty odours, allergic reactions, respiratory problems, sinus infections or previous water damage/mould issues in the home or work space. Basically, they want to ensure that the air they are breathing is safe.

Indoor air quality in the home can be influenced by a number of factors such as building design, HVAC design, moisture intrusion, ongoing or previous mould growth.

These are just some of the key indicators when poor indoor air quality is an issue:

  • improper management of ventilation/humidity
  • airborne dust issues from poorly maintained HVAC unit
  • chemical off-gassing from building materials or furniture
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • sewer gas from drains
  • water damage leading to mould growth
  • mould spores becoming airborne leading to respiratory issues
  • Radon within the home